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COVID‐19 Vaccine Passport Safety Plan
Updated October 30th, 2021

The document is intended to be in compliance with the guidelines set out by viaSport BC, Interior Health, BC Hockey, and the arenas in which we operate. This document is subject to change.
All participants, spectators over 12, officials, volunteers, and coaches will be required to wear masks to enter the arena. Players, coaches, volunteers and officials will be required to wear masks while in the dressing rooms. Players, coaches, and officials may remove their masks when they go onto the ice for practices or games. Masks must be worn when returning to the dressing rooms. Coaches will not be required to wear masks on the benches.
All spectators at practices or games, over the age of 12, will be required to show proof of double vaccination. All spectators over the age of 18 will be required to show government issued ID along with their proof of vaccination.
Participants will not need to show proof of vaccination to attend practices or games. Participants will only include minor hockey players participating in a game or practice at the time of entry.
Coaches, Officials, & Volunteers
All coaches, officials, and volunteers will need to show proof of vaccination before entering the arena.
Entering & Exiting the Arena for Games & Practices
All spectators, participants, officials and volunteers must enter the arena through the main entrance and will no longer be permitted to use the players’ entrance. Once any player has left the arena after a game or practice, if they are to re-enter the arena, they will be considered a spectator.
Vaccine Passport Compliance
Passports screening for games will require all spectators aged 12 or older to show proof of double vaccination until the Provincial Health Order has been lifted. Government vaccination cards showing dates of vaccination, or vaccination passports will both be acceptable. Government ID will also be required for anyone over the age of 18. For those out of province, showing a negative PCR or Rapid Antigen test with 72 hours is not acceptable.

WVMHA Team Responsibilities
Each team will have a designated spectator supervisor for all practices and games that will stay by the main entrance. The spectator supervisor will be required to ask all spectators and coaches to show their government ID and proof of vaccination for games and practices.
The spectator supervisor will keep a list of the names of all spectators in attendance for each game or practice. This information will be kept with the team manager to be provided the RDEK, if requested from Interior Health.
Spectator supervisors will keep a list of team rosters by the front door for the purpose of verifying players entering the arena as participants versus those entering the arena as spectators.
If the spectator supervisor is unable to attend a practice or game or perform their duties, they may designate another parent to perform their role. All spectator supervisors must be fully vaccinated.
Teams that fail to uphold the WVMHA Vaccine Passport rules may lose their ice times for the season.

Spectators, coaches, volunteers, or officials who refuse to show their ID and proof of vaccination, or have invalid vaccine status, will not be permitted to enter the arena for games. In the event of someone rudely, or forcefully, entering the arena without showing their ID and proof of vaccination, the designated spectator supervisor is to immediately go to the timekeeper’s booth and ask them to stop the game until the spectator who improperly entered the arena leaves.


Our annual Purdys chocolate fundraiser is back.
Please contact your team manager for forms or check out this years selections by clicking below.


Rockies season home opener vs Castlegar October 2nd at 7:00.

Due to limited capacity of the arena this season WVMHA players will not have free access to games.

All children under 12 must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult attending the game. All fans must remain in their seats.

Calling all Referees for upcoming 2021-22 Season

To help address our need for officials, we have greatly increased the amounts that we will be paying for refereeing hockey games in 2021-2022.  We hope that these new rates will help encourage parents and youth in our association, and our community, to become officials for next season.

Officiating clinics will be offered in late September, or early October, and we will send out further reminders as we approach next season.

Our rates will be as follows:

U18 - Level 3 Refs $80, Level 2 Refs $70, Lines $60 (2-2.5 hrs per game)

U15 - Level 3 Refs $70, Level 2 Refs $60, Lines $50 (2-2.5 hrs per game)

U13 - Refs $60 (non-contact, 2-2.5 hrs per game)

U11 - Refs $55 (non-contact, 2-2.25 hrs per game)

U9 - Refs $25 (cross ice games, 1-1.5 hrs per game)

U7 - Res $25 (cross ice games, 1-1.5 hrs per game)


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