Welcome to U7

Welcome to your first year in Windermere Valley Minor Hockey for the 2023-2024 Season.

U7 is for children born in 2017 and 2018 (They must be 5 on or before Dec 31st, 2023). Each level in hockey consists of first- and second-year players. So U7 players are typically in kindergarten and grade one.

  • Full hockey gear is required whenever a player steps on the ice. See the Equipment List in the Resources section of the website for a full list.
  • Registration and all subsequent communication with parents happens via TeamSnap.
  • When Registration is open, a live link will be available on our website that takes you to the TeamSnap website so check the Registration Section of our website periodically.
  • Once you have registered, please download the TeamSnap app at your earliest convenience. An email invite to join your U7 team will come to you for your child’s team once teams have been made (late August or early September is the usual timeframe). TeamSnap is where notification of all practices and message come from team coaches and managers as well as where parents indicate attendance for their child for all practices.

Tips for first practice:

  • Label all equipment including the front of your child’s helmet with a piece of tape and their name written on it in Sharpie. This helps the coaches quickly learn and identify players
  • Remember to bring a water bottle (also labelled) and ideally with an extended spout - this is very helpful so players can hydrate through their helmet as they cannot be removed on the ice. They have them at Canadian Tire.

Tips for players and their families if you have never played hockey before:

  • Have fun! This is the number one rule in hockey
  • When you arrive at the rink, check the TVs mounted high up on the wall as they list which changeroom(s) the team will be getting changed in. It will usually say simply ‘U7 – Room 4’ for example. Every changeroom door has a large number mounted on the outside for ease of finding it.
  • For safety in the changerooms – no horseplay and leave sticks leaning against the wall at the changeroom entrance (just inside the door, not in the hallway).
  • Parents are welcome at this age group to help get their players ready
  • If you have never put on hockey gear before, there will be second year player’s families and the coaches around to ask any questions to. We have all been there and there is nothing wrong with asking for help…allow extra time the first few practices though for getting changed. Before you know it, you’ll have a system ready!

Other notes for U7:

In most years, Tim Hortons provides hockey socks and warm-up jerseys at the beginning of the season that are yours to keep. A warm-up or practice jersey is what players use for all practices to go over their shoulder pads/elbow pads.

The WVMHA association runs on volunteers – parents of players become the coaches, team managers, on-ice safety people, and volunteer time during home tournaments for example to run raffle tables and things like that.

Consider what you might be able to do and if you have questions or want to volunteer to be a coach or team manager particularly, get in contact with the Coach Coordinator coach.wvmha@gmail.com or the Manager Mentor managers.wvmha@gmail.com

Have a wonderful and FUN season!